LVS Test Cases and Rule Decks

ASSURA extractMOS(“n25” _n25_n33 gc_conn(“G”) ndiff_conn(“S” “D”) psub(“B”)) width=measureParameter(length (_n25_n33 butting ndiff_conn) 0.5) length=measureParameter(length (_n25_n33 outside ndiff_conn) 0.5) bends45=measureParameter(bends_part (_n25_n33 butting ndiff_conn)) bends90=measureParameter(bends_full (_n25_n33 butting ndiff_conn)) bends=calculateParameter(0.5*bends45+bends90) w=calculateParameter(width*1 );- (bends * length * 0.55))*1.0e-6) attachParameter(w “w” _n25_n33) l=calculateParameter(length*1.0e-6) attachParameter(l “l” _n25_n33) CALIBRE SK_GC_HOLE = GC_I holes ISP = (( holes ( WN interact WB)) and WB) not WN SK_DIODE_GC = ((((( …

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DRC Test Cases and Rule Decks

ASSURA gate = geomAnd(gc_c active_c hvgate = geomButtOrOver(gate area2_c) a = geomSize(hvgate 0.34) b = geomAnd(a active_c) c = geomAndNot(b area2_c) errorLayer(c “LA.X.3: Extension of AREA2 beyond HV gate, perpendicular to the transistor length, min 0.34”) L48538=drc(area2_c wn_c 0<enc<0.62 shielded) errorLayer(L48538 “LA.X.2: Extension of AREA2 beyond WN must be >= 0.62u or 0”) L69400=drc(wn_c area2_c 0<enc<0.62) errorLayer(L69400 “LA.X.1: Extension of …

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